Whole year round

 icon-1994571_960_720 Quarterly – Skills-based Workshops

To empower the teenage girls we support, Babes conduct skills workshops every quarter of the year with the goal of imparting skill sets that they can potentially utilise. With the help of passionate volunteer and partner instructors, we have previously tailored and conducted various interesting and interactive workshops such as Cupcake fondant decorating, Financial Literacy, Social Media entrepreneurship and healthy snack making.

January to June 2020

 edit-1105049_960_720 March 2020 – Boutiques Fair Spring/Summer 2020 Edition

We are honoured to be invited by the organisers of Boutiques fair 2020 to run an outreach and fundraising booth at Boutiques Fair Spring/Summer 2020 edition. 100% run by our volunteers, expect delicious confectionery, henna hand drawing, and fantastic prizes!

 mic-2340079_960_720 March 2020 – International Women’s Day Campaign 

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate inspiring women be it our service-users, volunteers or partners.

To kick-off the campaign, we will be having a series of activities including Babes Open Mic Night! It is a platform for young talents to showcase their talents for social good be it stand-up comedy, singing or spoken word and raise awareness and stimulate conversations about teenage pregnancy in Singapore. Through this platform, we aim to engage with the youth community and encourage them to think beyond the narrow stereotypes that teenage pregnancy is often relegated to.

 red-1902863_960_720 April 2020 – Babes Day

An annual funfair we organise for our service users, it is a day to celebrate the strength and resilience they have showed in their journey regardless of the choices they made regarding their pregnancy. Filled with fun and interactive activities such as henna painting, makeup makeover and manicures, it is an opportunity for them to a day free of worries that they could spend with their friends and family in an environment free of prejudice.


July 2020 – Babes Camp Phoenix

Community and family support is crucial for the vulnerable group of girls we assist especially if they choose parenthood. Thus, as part of our casework, Babes organised a 3 day 2 night camp for our service-users with programs and activities that focus on finding self-worth, self-esteem and confidence.

July to December 2020

 1000px-Hearth-shape-drawing-1_nevit_090.svg October 2020 – Volunteer & Partners Appreciation Night

As a small team, our resources and manpower are often limited. We can only achieve the things we do with the help of generous volunteers who answer our call for help without fail. To appreciate our Volunteers & Partners for their enduring support, each year we would take a night to thank them for the selfless contribution of their time, effort and passion for our cause.

 icon-1641920_960_720 November 2020 – Boutiques Fair Autumn/Winter 2020 Edition

Babes will be at Boutiques Fair 2020 Autumn/Winter 2020 edition to run an outreach and fundraising booth. 100% run by our volunteers, stay tuned for some fun and exciting activities we have in store!