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What can I do?

Dear Teenager (Yes! That includes you too, guys)

You are a teenager and you find out you are or someone you know is pregnant. Do you know your options?

Dear Parents of Teenagers

You find out your child is pregnant. Do you know the options available to her?

  • Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd (Babes) proactively reaches out to anyone aged 21 and below needing support with her pregnancy so that she is aware of her options and is able to make an informed decision with regard to her pregnancy.
  • Babes takes a “mother-centric” approach and will support her choices with a view to nurturing longer-term, on-going support from family, friends, volunteers and the wider community, and a normal life for her.
  • Babes advocates for a more inclusive society where pregnant teenagers do not feel marginalised or estranged.

Our Services

In order to reach out to as many pregnant teenagers needing support as possible, Babes has organised its work into these components:

  1. Case Management – To journey with the pregnant teen with a view to facilitating support from her family, friends and the wider community. The goal is for the pregnant teen to regain a sense of normalcy and to be well supported in the community.
  1. Community Integration -To invite the community to take an active interest in the mission of the organization and to offer their support. Community support is essential for nurturing an inclusive environment that will help our service-users to regain a sense of normalcy. Support could be in the form of volunteers sharing their time with the pregnant teenagers or individuals and corporations wanting to support the organization financially and/or in-kind.

Dear teachers, counsellors and kind supporters

Should you come across anyone aged 21 and below in a pregnancy crisis and needing assistance, please refer them to us so we can help. Since our services have always been focused on helping pregnant teenagers, our caseworkers are a team of people who are skilfully experienced in dealing with youngsters. Help us help them.

Other than providing our core work of supporting pregnant teens in crisis, we are also involved in outreach, increasing awareness on issues related to teenage pregnancy via channels like focus group discussions and forum theatre performances by working with polytechnics, ITEs and secondary schools.

If you are interested in working alongside us in our outreach efforts, give us a ring or drop us an email so our staff can get in touch with you.